Autodesk University

For Autodesk University, an annual event that brings together architects, engineers and structural designers who are interested in learning industry trends, networking and collaborating, Fabric Images was approached to work with Freeman XP and Autodesk on the design of the Central Park environment. Through the collaboration of talents, a concept was born that included a series of tension fabric silos, each representing a different facet of Autodesk.

The five silos, each with a footprint of 383 sf and standing 24ft high, were constructed entirely out of structural aluminum frame and dye-sublimation printed fabric. Due to the transparency factor of the upper two thirds, spans of 20ft were required to be free of supports and cabling. FI’s structural expertise allowed this detail to be easily worked into the design solution.

This network of compressed spaces strategically altered the scale, mass and acoustics within the Central Park area. Architecturally, the silos showcased innovation and real-world solutions within the architectural market where fabric architecture not only adds new life to an environment, but also showcases the experiential values that are possible with frame and fabric.