Fabric Images, Inc. Places Focus on Sustainable Offerings

ELGIN, IL – April 22, 2016 - With continued commitment to their environmental stance, Fabric Images, Inc., a global manufacturer of printed and non-printed tension fabric architecture, has released the results of their Eco Stewardship initiatives for 2015.

As part of their long-standing recycling program, in 2015 Fabric Images, Inc. recycled 258,500 pounds of paper, polyester fabric and aluminum.  This includes waste from production runs as well as returned properties.  Recycling volumes have increased almost 30% over the last five years and have expanded to include the ReLife Recycling program, an offering which affords customers to return their out-of-use properties to Fabric Images, Inc. for proper recycling.

Along with their efforts in recycling, Fabric Images, Inc., continues to promote their Freestyle Rental program, a sustainable, custom rental program that allows for innovation and bold statements in temporary environments.  This custom rental program focuses on design and minimizing environmental impact through the act of repurposing and recycling.  By utilizing the Freestyle Rental program, customers automatically participate in a loop of sustainability, allowing them to enhance their own environmental initiatives.  This is a true representation of environmental awareness, with aspects of recycling, repurposing and re-use of fabric architectural solutions.

In addition to their environmental programs, Fabric Images, Inc. continues their investment into ecofriendly material offerings. 2015 introduced ezoBord, a high performance and environmentally sustainable acoustical felt material. The 100% polyester material is made in a low VOC process from 40-50% recycled water/soda bottles, without the use of adhesives or other bonding agents, and is also recyclable. EzoBord offers flexibility in acoustical design for environments in a host of markets, including office, educational, hospitality, retail and exhibitory/events.

As stated by Marco Alvarez, President & CEO of Fabric Images, Inc., “As we expand our environmental initiatives, we are looking out for not only the betterment of our own footprint, but that of our customers as well. By offering programs like Freestyle Rental and ReLife Recycling, and materials with sustainable properties, we hope to inspire others to think smarter about the solutions being integrated within the environments they are creating.”

About Fabric Images, Inc®

Since 1992, Fabric Images, Inc® has been a premier supplier for fabricating and printing of tensioned fabric architecture for the retail, museum, architectural and exhibit design communities. FI is a family-owned and minority-operated business. They are considered by many to be a leading manufacturer of lightweight, digitally printed fabric tension structures.

For more information or images contact Leo Boczar, Director of Communications at lboczar@fabricimages.com, or Allison Pocewicz, Marketing Coordinator at apocewicz@fabricimages.com.