When your project calls for something different, we're your team! We work with our clients to develop completely unique, custom solutions that integrate acoustic performance with the visual aesthetic to deliver on the intended vision.

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Collaborative Evolution

Many times, custom concepts need a starting point, and an understanding of specific materials can unlock the imagination to new possibilities and ideas.

We love to test the limits of what's possible, and our collaborative process on custom projects often helps evolve ideas to their fullest potential.

Watch VP Marco Alvarez talk through the design inspiration behind our space at NeoCon in 2022, which utilized Acusti-fi™ to create a visually engaging and acoustically comfortable space.

Custom Capabilities

Fi™ Live Events is built on the foundation of custom solution manufacturing.
Our R&D mindset and ability to merge materials and finishing techniques enables
us to deliver truly original and experiential designs.

Iron Stomach tension fabric trade show exhibitIron Stomach tension fabric trade show exhibit

Tension Fabric Architecture

Fabric is our passion and we are not afraid to push the limits. Our history includes 30 years of creating award-winning fabric architecture and exploring the vast world of textiles. We will guide you to ensure selection of the best fabric for the concept, application, and brand, then utilize a range of materials to build the solution that brings life to your vision.

Custom tension fabric structure for staduim barCustom tension fabric structure for staduim bar

Metal Engineering

As custom projects present unique challenges, our team of engineers and fabricators develop innovative solutions that push the limits of our imaginations and capabilities. We approach these projects from all angles to produce safe, structurally sound, easy to install pieces of art that deliver on the original design intent.

Custom fabric architecture trade show exhibitCustom fabric architecture trade show exhibit

Lighting Integration

Incorporate lighting within custom design solutions for maximum impact. We have experience with a variety of lighting types and techniques and never shy away from exploring new and emerging technologies. We collaborate with you to understand the desired effect and then develop the best solution to bring it to life.

Custom printed tension fabric exhibit for NickelodeonCustom printed tension fabric exhibit for Nickelodeon

Digital Printing

Fabric Images pioneered printing on fabric. With seamless printing on fabrics up to 16' wide, we produce beautiful, high quality graphics with accurate color, quickly and cost-effectively. Our expertise in fabric printing and finishing allows us to bring even the most organically complex printed design to life.

Project Gallery

Explore some of our past projects for ideas and inspiration.

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