Coastline Plus

60" wide vinyl and polyester composite material with a slight texture embossing on the face. This material comes in an array of colors including vibrant and more muted shades. The material is waterproof and fire retardant.

Sunbrella Awning

60" wide acrylic textile which is a favorite for outdoor applications demanding fade and weather resistance in a material that is also soft and easy to work with.

Clear Vinyl

54" wide clear double polished vinyl film that allows for unobstructed viewing while maintaining water proof characteristics. The 0.02 thickness can be fire retardant to meet CA Title 19 and CPAI-84 certifications.


60" wide water repellant, mildew resistant and flame retardant outdoor fabric manufactured in the United States. This material comes in over a dozen rich colors and the ivory base can be printed using dye sublimation inks.

Weather Max

60" wide solution dyed outdoor material which utilizes HydroMax technology for water, dirt, and mildew resistance. Over 15 standard colors are offered, some with fire retardancy, and all with a five year limited warranty.

Allsport Stretch Vinyl

54" wide, this material is one of the only vinyls on the market with 4 way stretch. Although it is not dye sublimation printable, the ten vibrant shades of this textile in work well in seating and extreme weather conditions for custom applications.


60" wide polyester, cotton blend fabric with an acrylic topcoat that can be used in a variety of outdoor applications where a cloth-like appearance is desired. It is available in 20 semi-opaque colors.

#499 Spandex

45" wide elastic material with a high luster face. It is great for simulating metal surfaces at a fraction of the weight and is available in over 10 colors.


60" wide stretch material with a shiny face. The vinyl coating gives a wet-look to the surface of the 10 different color options.

Shattered Glass

60" wide stretch fabric that is covered with tiny holographic dots. The foil dots give a prismatic effect to this elastic fabric and will really sparkle with front lighting.

Silver & Gold Stretch Illusion

58& Wide stretch fabric with a metallic coating on the face. It simulates high shine metal while retaining the flexibility of fabric and is semi opaque.

2-Way Stretch Vinyl

55" wide material that is slightly heavier and less elastic than our Elastiluster fabric. The vinyl coating gives a wet-look to the surface of the polyester base fabric.

Swirl Stretch

57" wide stretch textile with a swirl foil coating applied to the face. It is typically available in gold, lt. red, royal, and purple colors with silver accents.

Silver Tiny Dot

54" wide elastic material with small silver dots on a white base. The reflective dots combine into an overall shimmer when used on a larger scale and pop when used with lighting.

Hologram Tiny Dot

54" wide micro faceted stretch fabric with subtle holographic shapes. The tiny dot pattern becomes an overall sparkle when viewed at a distance and the fabric conforms around organic shapes.

Foil Prints

60" wide, stretch material designed for costumes and dancewear. Different patterns become available every season with a matte spandex background and a fun or exotic foil foreground.

Awn Tex 70

60" wide vinyl encapsulated mesh material that is standard for outdoor applications. Though not dye sub printable, Awn Tex comes in 10 solid colors that are weather resistant and provide shade.

Big Hole Mesh

60" wide high stretch textile with holes that can stretch to ½" openings. Available in four neon and five solid color options, Big Hole mesh is great for layering and forming around organic structures.


120" wide fabric that is coated with a stiff, sturdy finish. The 3/8" hole openings are approved for use as ceiling treatments in most locations and the openness works well layered over other textiles.

Power Stretch Mesh

60" wide highly elastic cloth that stretches well around organic shapes. Available in black and white, this stretch mesh can also hold decorative light projections well.

Sheer Stretch Mesh

60" wide transparent stretch material that looks more like a sheer fabric from a distance. The high stretch material is great around organic shapes and is available in over 60 solid colors.

Ace Crepe

58" wide woven material with a subtle marbled crepe texture. Made from 100% recycled polyester yarns, this interior fabric is offered in 24 rich colors.


54" wide vinyl upholstery material with a white backer and embossed “basket weave” face. This specialty material can add a fun, subtle texture to your space.

Crushed Gem

106" wide fabric with a crushed finish and beautiful drape. The eleven translucent color options work well in draping applications as well as some tensioned pieces.


54" wide soft, warm fabric with a nice drape. Designed for interior spaces, this fire retardant material adds a comforting feel to tension fabric pieces.

Instincts Baby Leopard

58" wide fabric on the wild side. The 3/8" pile height on the leopard patterned fur inspires a touchable character for your environment.

Instincts Troll "Sully"

58" wide furry fabric with a pile height of up to 3-5/8" long. The turquoise color looks like the lovable “Sully” character while the 15 additional colors invite you to run your fingers through, incorporating touch.


58" wide woven textile with a satin sheen with subtle slubs on one side and a more matte face with a pronounced color weave effect on the other. This semi translucent fabric comes in eight color options.


54" wide midweight material in vintage color combinations. With a slight slub texture, the material is great for antique or rugged looking printed graphics or unprinted in the 10 color combinations offered.


59" wide, 100% Jute, coarse woven textile. Though not good for dye sublimation printing, this material is offered in up to 16 exciting solid colors.

Synthetic Lambskin

54" wide upholstery grade synthetic leather with a subtle embossed face and sueded backside. Used as a solid color accent, this material is offered in 30 different colors including metallic shades.

#699 Spandex

60" wide elastic material with four way stretch and a lustrous face. This nylon, spandex blend fabric is available in white, black, and 22 additional solid colors.

Imperial Taffeta

60" wide translucent woven non-stretch fabric. The slippery, smooth face allows for a nice level of translucency and comes in over 80 solid color options.

Milliskin Matte Spandex

60" wide matte spandex textile with a smooth, matte face. The fabric has impressive stretch, flexing easily over curves and coordinates with colors offered in sheer stretch mesh fabric

Milliskin Shiny Spandex

60" wide lustrous spandex textile with a smooth, shiny face. The fabric has impressive stretch, flexing easily over curves and coordinates with colors offered in sheer stretch mesh fabric.


118" wide lightweight sheer material. It is perfect for curtains with the wide width and great transparency.

Muslin Colors

128" wide plain weave material that is constructed from inherently flame retardant (IFR) Avora yarns. The firm textile is available in 16 solid colors including Chroma Key green and blue.

Mystique Satin

60" wide lustrous satin textile with a more matte, woven poplin look on the backside. This 100% polyester fabric comes in over 110 colors in a variety of palettes.


62-66" wide material that is similar to Celtic Cloth in weight and stretch. This somewhat durable fabric is great for a colorful accent inside your overhead piece and is offered in 60 solid colors.


122" wide elastic material made with a high percentage of inherently flame retardant (IFR) yarns. There is a slight luster on the face and it is a good solution for long term architectural spaces.

Blackout Satin Wide

118" wide tri layered woven fabric with a high level of opacity. Both faces of the rich black colored material have a lustrous sheen and maintain a soft hand.

Opaque Liner

54" or 110" wide material designed to work in conjunction with many other materials to provide opacity. The medium-light fabric in white is completely opaque.


72" wide non woven, felted fabric with a slightly fuzzy face. This material, made from 100% Synthetic fibers can meet NFPA 701 fire retardant certification and comes in 48 vibrant colors.


120-122" wide textile that is good for backlighting, especially with lifestyle printed graphics. Used in conjunction with T5 fluorescent or LED fixtures, this material diffused lighting without pin holes.


120" wide twill weave fabric with a matte finish that can be used in backlit applications. It has a soft, matte finish and diffuses light. Some ironing may be required on finished pieces.

45" Super Stretch Spandex

45& wide heavyweight spandex material used for zipper pockets and non-printed pieces requiring more durability than traditional spandex. The semi-opaque spandex is offered in 17 solid colors.


125" wide polyester fabric with a slightly lustrous calendared face designed to repel water. The white textile is good for dye sublimation printing with fever seams than many water repellant materials.


110" wide technical material for ceiling applications. The fabric has melt lines every 12" that separate and allow water from sprinklers to pass through when exposed to heat. Offered in black and white.

Enviro Celtic

122" wide warp knit material with a high percentage of recycled yarns. This fabric holds printed color well while maintaining a soft, durable hand.

Poly Burlap

66" wide woven fabric made from 100% post-consumer recycled polyester. Offered in a number of standard colors, the tan and grey colors provide the look of real burlap while taking dye sublimation printing beautifully.

Reclaim Celtic

122" wide textile made from 100% Repreve ® yarn and 100% Post Consumer Waste. It is comparable to our traditional Celtic Cloth with a more natural white point.

Relink 15

180& wide knit material which offers Superwide XL grand scale graphics with minimal or no seams, pushing the limits for branded solutions. Additionally, Relink 15 is constructed with a percentage of Repreve ® yarns, making it an environmentally sound solution.

Bamboo Based Jersey

63" wide jersey knit material made from 70% bamboo based viscose fibers. This knit has a soft hand and vibrant color palette including blue, purple, teal, garnet, and more. The stretch is great around organic forms.


56" wide extremely unique sheet rubber material made from recycled tires. Though not for everyone, this material is the perfect solution to dress automotive and industrial brands.