Fabric Images, Inc. Announces Promotions within Management Team

March 14, 2018- Fabric Images, Inc, a global manufacturer of printed and non-printed tension fabric architectural solutions, is pleased to announce two moves within our leadership team. The moves are due to our focus on customer experience, company growth initiatives and reflect on the tagline of the company, “Bringing Life to your Vision”. These moves introduce Leo Boczar as VP of Customer Experience and Allison Pocewicz as Sales & Marketing Manager.

Leo Boczar is 21 year veteran of the face to face marketing industry. After his studies, Leo began his career on the graphic production side of the business as a graphics troubleshooter for Universal Color Lab, a division of Berry & Homer, Inc. He later became the Director of Graphic Services before moving on to expand his knowledge and experience in design and integrated marketing.

In 1998, Leo was offered the position of Integrated Marketing Specialist with 1220 Exhibits. Being known for his out-of-the-box style, and having a flare for the dramatic, Leo worked hand in hand with many companies developing and implementing various marketing and strategy campaigns for exhibitions, events and internal corporate communications to improve culture and ROI in face to face arenas. These clients included such companies as: BET Networks, Hanley-Wood LLC, Hitachi Telecommunications, USA, The Navy League of the United States, Clarion Exhibitions, Caseware Software, the U.S. Department of Commerce, the U.S. Department of Defense and Bausch & Lomb.

In 2003, Leo was offered an opportunity to become the Director of Communications with Fabric Images, Inc, where he has spent years building and promoting the Fabric Images brand identity. In his new role as VP of Customer Experience, Leo will utilize his skill set as a leader, communicator and visionary to continue to expand Fabric Images by acting as an industry communicator, visionary expert in printed and non-printed tension fabric architecture, and educator for both the external and internal worlds of Fabric Images, Inc.

Additionally, Fabric Images, Inc. is pleased to announce the promotion of Allison Pocewicz to the position of Sales and Marketing Manager for Fabric Images. This was a logical choice on the behalf of management based on her performance, record of sales generation and relationships of tier 1 and tier 2 clients for Fabric Images in the industries of exhibitions, events, museums and retail. She has worked tirelessly to bring to life the vision of many of the Fabric Images’ key accounts. Her abilities to interpret data and develop strategic and tactical implementation plans have been vetted on a variety of instances and have proven successful and profitable.

Allison has been a devoted advocate for the business of Fabric Images and the solution-solving efforts of our clients. Her “can do” attitude and thirst for keeping Fabric Images as the most sought-after producer of printed and non-printed tensioned fabric architecture in the world makes this a logical progression to join the Fabric Images’ management team. She brings a winning attitude and a product-with-material knowledge that keeps our customer’s requesting her involvement in the success of their business. In conjunction with her relationship-based sales style, she is an ever-evolving disciple of trending and standard marketing tactics that bridge the gap between sales and marketing. This is just another reason she is the ideal candidate to head the merging of the sales and marketing departments. She is a student to the craft of client communication and understands the pain points of our current and future clients.

Allison is the Fabric Images’ standard in successful relationship selling with a determined focus on using marketing integration to reconnect, evolve and sharpen the relationships of the clients and prospects that she engages with. We are confident that she will meet our current challenges with the same determination and passion that has elevated her from receptionist to sales assistant to account leader to one of the highest producing sales persons on the sales staff of Fabric Images, as well as her most recent role overseeing our marketing efforts.

Please welcome the next evolution of Fabric Images and how we bring life to our customer’s vision.

About Fabric Images, Inc®

Since 1992, Fabric Images, Inc® has been a premier supplier for fabricating and printing of tensioned fabric architecture for the retail, museum, architectural and exhibit design communities. FI is a family-owned and minority-operated business. They are considered by many to be a leading manufacturer of lightweight, digitally printed fabric tension structures.

For more information or images contact Leo Boczar, VP Customer Experience at lboczar@fabricimages.com, or Allison Pocewicz, Sales & Marketing Manager at apocewicz@fabricimages.com.