Eco Stewardship Initiative

As part of the Fabric Images, Inc. Eco Stewardship Initiative, a recycling program has been put into place that allows for out-of-use Fabric Images’ properties to be returned for recycling. This is our way to support our customers in helping the environment. The ReLife Recycling program gives new life to old products, while keeping properties out of the waste stream.

The Fabric Images, Inc. Eco Stewardship Initiative was introduced in 2001. The program encompasses numerous aspects of the production and post-production processes. Along with this, all scrap materials from production runs, including Aluminum, Polyester fabrics and paper, are bundled and sent for recycling.

Take Action

Lessen your environmental impact by recycling out-of-use tension fabric displays produced by Fabric Images.

What's Recyclable?

Properties originally produced by Fabric Images, including aluminum frames and polyester fabric.

How Does It Work?

Returned properties are sorted, bundled and sent to a certified recycling center.