So, Why Is Freestyle Different?

The path to creating a memorable space is one that is filled with interest, personality and adaptability. The adaptability comes in the form of the brand personality that is being represented. How do you take an empty space and turn it into a lasting impression? You design for the brand, rather than around it. Freestyle Rental gives you this freedom. It is freedom in the form of design. Without barriers, there is room for innovation and expression. This allows you to create a space that truly adapts to your brand identity, making your solution functional and compelling.

Your design. Your rental solution. Your vision realized.
FreeStyle Rental is built around sustainable design and longevity in the custom marketplace. The objective is to create flexible custom rental solutions that maintain a brand experience while reducing the environmental impact. By utilizing FreeStyle Rental, you are not only enhancing the personality of your space, but you are also minimizing the environmental impression.
After use, returned properties from the FreeStyle program are recycled or repurposed. This means that components that can be re-used become repurposed into new Freestyle properties, while those that cannot, such as fabric and aluminum scrap, are bundled and sent for recycling.
If your FreeStyle Rental solution will not be utilized again, we recommend returning the fabric back to FI to include in our recycling program. This saves you from storage and keeps the fabric out of the landfill.