Client First Ascent
Design by Fabric Images®

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Fabric Images® partnered with First Ascent to design and manufacture the ceiling cloud in their Avondale location, located in Chicago, IL. Offering the first impression as guests enter the lobby of the climbing facility, the cloud covers roughly 654 sq. ft., carves out volume, lowers the ceiling, softens sound, and guides guests to the climbing area.

Fabric Images based the design of the cloud on a terrain sampling from the Red River Gorge, a popular destination in the climbing community. Using an aerial elevation of topographical mapping, a sampling was taken that formed the outline and interior linear contours. The vertical undulation was developed mathematically utilizing a formula that mapped forces of imaginary lines from point to point along the perimeter. The cloud tapers in height from front to back to enhance the flow of the space.

A dense, high-quality felt was selected in the brand’s colors to achieve the undulating and flowing form of the cloud. Panels were cut based on patterns created in Rhino and were then applied to a custom ceiling panel system through a tongue-and-groove style application.

The design application adds to the aesthetic quality of the space and creates a barrier to control acoustics. The density of the felt material creates an acoustically absorbing surface, while the support panel has a perforated pattern that scatters sound, enabling it to escape.

Fabric Images’ design and execution of the ceiling cloud captures the strong and dynamic personality of the brand and enhances the experience each guest receives.