Client SAIC
Design by SAIC Students

Fabric Images® partnered with the School of the Art Institute (SAIC) Fashion Design students and Department of Architecture, Interior Architecture and Design Objectives students to bring life to a voluminous, sculptural fabric art installation for the SAIC annual Fashion Show runway.

The fabric installation enhanced the innovative and artistic nature of the event as it extended roughly 72ft down the center of the runway. The 10ft wide Sheer fabric was printed with gradated color through a dye sublimation process. The total fabric length was nearly 200ft when laid flat to account for the horizontal looping nature of the design. Fabric Images developed a method of semi-rigid upper cording clamped to a support truss to hold the fabric in place.

The Sheer fabric offered a mysterious translucency that, while visually attractive, did not distract from the fashions. The fabric selected also had an optimal surface for front lighting. As the fashions changed, the lighting morphed in conjunction with music, aligning with variations in color to the fabric's surface.