Under the umbrella of Fabric Images® are specialized Studios tailored to meet the demands of the markets we service — Interiors, Retail and Live Events. Each Studio includes tailored expertise and support, along with specialized product offerings.

Leveraging our nearly 30 years of experience in fabric printing, architecture and solutions manufacturing and our passion for design, we use the knowledge and insight gained in each of our Studios to influence best practices and new ideas across the board.

First Ascent custom acoustical ceiling cloudFirst Ascent custom acoustical ceiling cloud

The Fi™ Interiors studio designs and manufactures interior architecture décor products and custom design solutions that incorporate metal, fabric, printed graphics, acoustics, and a host of additional materials.

Retail custom lightbox displayRetail custom lightbox display

The Fi™ Retail studio partners with retail brands to creatively express their story through compelling installations and brand experiences.

Custom fabric architecture exhibit displayCustom fabric architecture exhibit display

The Fi™ Live Events studio is a creative, strategic, and collaborative manufacturer providing custom fabric architectural and material solutions used within tradeshows, events and brand activations.