US Pavilion

The design of the USA Pavilion for Expo Milano 2015 focused on innovation and advanced technologies with the theme of American Food 2.0: United to Feed the Planet. Within the ground floor of the 3-story pavilion were twelve angular displays which undulated throughout the space acting as screens for projection mapped video. The faceted design created a visually dimensional effect when hit with motion projection. Creating a movie theater of sorts, the undulating shapes were created using a special projection fabric stretched over frames.

The most critical aspect of the displays was the integration of projection mapping. Along the angular surfaces, the ever-changing imagery would fall in line with each individual facet. The mapping of imagery began with the completion of engineer drawings of the framework. Once the structures were manufactured and then married with the projections at install, only minor tweaks were made to ensure alignment at every angle.

The complex installation successfully carried out the transmission of suggestive short movies dedicated to food, which was the theme of Expo Milano 2015. The results of the projection performances over the faceted surfaces exceeded the customer’s expectations.