Acusti·fi Define hanging partitions with v-carve pattern compositionAcusti·fi Define hanging partitions with v-carve pattern composition


Create a composition of acoustical products and solutions that defines the personality of your brand and identity in a space. Acusti·fi™ acoustical felt beautifully accepts precision V-carve™ patterns to present lines and dimension. V-Carve is a texturizing technique that creates a composition of depth. Lines are sculpted away from the surface of the Acusti·fi material, offering beautiful tonal patterns. Choose from pre-designed V-Carve patterns or collaborate with us to create your own.


V-Carve™ is available in a selection of patterns.


V-Carve pattern StrumV-Carve pattern Strum


V-Carve pattern VibrateV-Carve pattern Vibrate


V-Carve pattern HarpV-Carve pattern Harp


V-Carve pattern ScoreV-Carve pattern Score

V-Flux 1

V-Carve pattern Flux 1V-Carve pattern Flux 1

V-Flux 2

V-Carve pattern Flux 2V-Carve pattern Flux 2

V-Flux 3

V-Carve pattern Flux 3V-Carve pattern Flux 3

V-Current 1

V-Carve pattern Current 1V-Carve pattern Current 1

V-Current 2

V-Carve pattern Current 2V-Carve pattern Current 2

V-Current 3

V-Carve pattern Current 3V-Carve pattern Current 3