Fi Retail™ is a design-focused manufacturer who understands the importance of creating compelling installations and brand stories that engage the audience. Our capabilities combined with our collaborative spirit promises truly authentic and original design solutions for retail spaces of all types and projects of all complexities and scales.

With our unrestricted style, R+D mindset, and ability to merge materials and finishing techniques, we have brought life to countless retail spaces.

We are committed to bringing life to your vision.

Tension Fabric and Textile Finishing


Fabric is our passion and we are not afraid to push the limits. Our history lies in designing and creating fabric architecture and exploring the vast world of textiles. Our team is always on the lookout for new fabrics to test and put into action, both printable and non-printable. Fabric is not one-size-fits-all. We collaborate with you to ensure selection of the best fabric for the application, brand and space.

Fabric in architecture allows you to capture and define space while evoking an emotional response from the participant. The nature of fabric offers a freedom not available with other materials and construction methods. Fabric breaks the ‘rules’ of conventional practices, allowing you to explore new possibilities and make a progressive impression in a visual space.

Sewing in the custom fabric architectural manufacturing finishing processSewing in the custom fabric architectural manufacturing finishing process
Metal tubular ceiling structure with powder coated finish and integrated light fixturesMetal tubular ceiling structure with powder coated finish and integrated light fixtures
Metal Engineering and Fabrication


The versatility of our skilled metal shop provides the opportunity to use a variety of metal options within a design solution. Whether creating a backbone covered with fabric or a decorative metal feature, the structural frame is treated like a work of art. Our unique assembly techniques make installation effortless without sacrificing strength or integrity.

As each custom structural solution presents its own unique specifications, it is up to our experts to identify challenges and produce safe, workable solutions. Our skilled engineers work in the virtual world to create real world solutions. Structural engineering accounts for design intent, installation method and structural integrity, including engineer stamped drawings.

Lighting Integration


Incorporate lighting within custom design solutions for maximum impact. We have experience with a variety of lighting types and techniques and never shy away from exploring new and emerging technologies. We collaborate with you to understand the desired effect and then develop the best solution to bring it to life.

Our experience includes light boxes, RGB and RGB-W LED lighting, edge lighting, recessed lighting within fabric structures, lighting fixture integration, and wire management within custom manufactured structures.

Printed fabric lightboxes in retail spacePrinted fabric lightboxes in retail space
Acoustic canopies with decorative cut patternAcoustic canopies with decorative cut pattern
Custom Acoustic Solution


We believe in exploring the infinite possibilities of materials. Our acoustic felt is no exception. As design opportunities align with the personality or sound quality of the material, we will prototype finishing techniques and mixed material integration in order to create a sound captivating solution.

Digital Printing


Introducing custom printed graphics with architecture and design solutions strengthens your brand message and identity. We have a vast library of printable options including fabrics, soft materials and hard surfaces, that beautifully accept printed graphics.

We are a pioneer in printing on fabric. Our fabric offerings include personalities that are printable in Superwide 10ft and 16ft widths, offering beautiful, high quality graphics with accurate color, quickly and affordably. Our expertise in graphics and finishing technique allows us to bring even the most organically complex printed design to life.

Digital printing onto fabric showing section of color gamut Digital printing onto fabric showing section of color gamut
Custom woodworkingCustom woodworking
Custom Woodworking


Our team is skilled in premier custom woodworking. Our capabilities are extensive and include carpentry of cabinets, counters, walls and structures used for tradeshow, showroom and museum applications, as well as custom office furniture manufacturing. We offer both laminated and thermoformed wood finishes and colors. Our state-of-the-art equipment combined with a skilled team of carpenters, CNC operators, laminators, thermo formers and finishers delivers exceptional quality and craftsmanship.