Fabric Images, Inc.® was built on the foundation of making it the best place to work. This spirit lends to the freedom of exploration and development on both a personal and professional level and fosters expert knowledge growth and building that is instrumental in bringing life to your vision.

This spirit of ingenuity has evolved to support the company mindset of “nothing is impossible, we just have to figure out a way”. This determined, can-do approach has led to the success of the seemingly impossible.

We bring life to remarkable installations and projects.

Dr. Pepper Star bar custom fabric architectureDr. Pepper Star bar custom fabric architecture
Dr. Pepper Star Bar
Burnham Pavilion Chicago architectural fabric structureBurnham Pavilion Chicago architectural fabric structure
Burnham Pavilion
PURE Tension Volvo Pavilion tensile structure with photovoltaic technologyPURE Tension Volvo Pavilion tensile structure with photovoltaic technology
PURE Tension Pavilion

It is through exploration and pushing the limits of what tension fabric, frame and materials can do, that we have built upon the foundation of making Fabric Images the best place to work and have established experts in materials, metal, design and engineering. Our culture supports the act of bringing life to your vision.

Our Approach

To achieve the vision of our customers, we organize our foundational process into three steps.


We believe in having a full understanding of design intent in order to bring the vision to life. We look, not only the at design solution, but the space in which it will live and the brand it will represent. By absorbing these details and opening the door for collaboration, we come to understand the vision and can begin transforming it to reality.


Our subject matter experts brainstorm tactics to achieve design intent with the understanding of budget requirements. We call this “reality through research”, which involves testing, prototyping and playing. Keeping in context with the vision, we determine material options and finishing techniques that will achieve the vision.

Engineering & Design

In this step we begin to fulfill the design intent from an aesthetic and functional perspective, considering structural integrity and installation requirements.

Our Studios

We tailor our approach within each of our Studios to provide the expertise and support needed, along with specialized product offerings.

First Ascent custom acoustical ceiling cloudFirst Ascent custom acoustical ceiling cloud

The Fi Interiors™ studio designs and manufactures interior architecture décor products and custom design solutions that incorporate metal, fabric, printed graphics, acoustics, and a host of additional materials.

Retail custom lightbox displayRetail custom lightbox display

The Fi Retail™ studio partners with retail brands to creatively express their story through compelling installations and brand experiences.

Custom fabric architecture exhibit displayCustom fabric architecture exhibit display

The Fi Live Events™ studio is a creative, strategic, and collaborative manufacturer providing custom fabric architectural and material solutions used within tradeshows, events and brand activations.