Our line of acoustic ceiling products provide visual impact and sound-absorption support from above, improving sound quality in spaces with high or open ceilings.

Ceiling Collection

We’ve created an array of options for addressing sound reverberation within
a space, each available in an range of sizes, colors, and configurations.


Fi Interiors™ products are designed to transform your space. Consisting of ceiling solutions, wall décor, partitions made of Acusti·fi™ acoustic felt, our comprehensive and customizable line offers elegant style, a beautiful array of colors and finishes, a combination of materials, digital printing, and adaptability to meet the needs of your brand and your space.

Fi Interiors is passionate about acoustical product design and the opportunities to acoustically enhance spaces and the well-being of the people working within them. Top-quality materials with unique characteristics construct our line, offering designers and spaces creative expression and acoustical clarity.

A Sound Solution

Hard surfaces often produce unwanted echo in large open areas, creating an unpleasant experience for those using the space.

Our ceiling products are made from Acusti-fi™, our acoustic PET felt that absorbs sound waves in the high to mid frequency range, reducing echo and creating a more acoustically comfortable environment.

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