Our hanging partitions were designed to provide a beautiful yet functional sense of separation, creating a visual and acoustical barrier the redefines a space.


We’ve created an array of options for addressing privacy and sound reverberation
within a space, each available in an range of sizes, colors, and finishes.

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  1. Define™ Hanging Partition
    Define™ Hanging Partition
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  2. Define sliding acoustical partition with custom printed graphics in spa
    Define™ Sliding Partitions
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2 Items

A Sound Solution

Hard surfaces often produce unwanted echo in large open areas, creating
an unpleasant experience for those using the space.

Our partitions are made from Acusti-fi™, our acoustic PET felt that absorbs sound waves in the high to mid frequency range, creating a more acoustically comfortable environment.

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Engineered for Easy Installation

Each style of hanging partition can be easily implemented to transform your space. Select an option that best fits your specific dimensions or need for flexibility.