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Fi Interiors™ is a comprehensive manufacturer of design centric, value driven, engineered solutions that capture the essence of a company’s culture by incorporating unique materials, printed designs and a reliable, repeatable customer experience.

Creating solutions for interior spaces that offer an acoustically comfortable and visually enlightened connection is what we do. The Fi Interiors’ acoustical product line places emphasis on well-being and performance and enhances the role acoustics play in the design and comfort of a space. Through noise absorbing material and design features, excess sound is captured, creating an acoustically comfortable space that provides stillness and promotes well-being.

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Acusti•fi material


An acoustical felt designed to quiet a space in style. A variety of finishing techniques offer the opportunity to enrich the experience of the space.


A beautiful series of acoustical ceiling products offering visual elegance with the added benefit of enhancing the acoustics within a space.
Acusti Art

Acusti Art™

Acoustic art panels combine printed digital graphics with the sound absorption properties of Acustifi™ to dress the walls of a space while decreasing noise.


Providing division within a space, Partitions offer visual adaptability, spatial separation and sound absorption.

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Fi Interiors Catalog