Client Dassaut
Partner George P Johnson
Photography Narrative Images

When straight lines are prominent, curvatures stand out, and what better place to stand out than on the tradeshow floor. Designed by George P Johnson and manufactured by Fabric ImagesĀ®, this 480 sq. ft. environment integrated four curved features offering branding, high I.D., backdrop, and enclosure. The flexible attributes of frame and tension fabric achieved this design vision.

Each frame is engineered and fabricated using a round aluminum tube, allowing the design to take form with tight radiuses and compound curves. Based on the applications, safety measures included adequately sized floor plates that would securely support the walls and certified structural engineer drawings.

Covering each curved feature is printed fabric with vibrant graphics. The inks used are aqueous-based (water-based), meaning they are free of harmful ozone-depleting chemicals and aromatic hydrocarbons, making the solution environmentally friendly.