Client Intralot London Iconic Pavilion
Design by Lianou Chalvatzis Architects (LC-A), London
Structural & Lighting Design BuroHappold Engineers, London

For the ICE Gaming exhibition in London, Fabric Images® team in Italy partnered with London-based Lianou Chalvatzis Architects (LC-A), and BuroHappold Engineers, London, to create the Intralot London Iconic Pavilion. Included in the 6,500 sq. ft. space are eight tension fabric “petals,” part of a new, organic presence for the brand.

Before the Fabric Images Italy team became involved with the project, several manufacturing companies turned down the project, saying it was too difficult, too short of a timeline, and too low of a budget. However, Fabric Images viewed the project as an opportunity and leveraged the skills and expertise of their team. Upon successful completion, Natassa Lianou, Director / Architect with Lianou Chalvatzis Architects (LC-A), London, the designing architect, stated, “The pavilion was impressive and our design was transferred with the best way possible. The client was very happy and everyone in the exhibition were amazed and could not believe that we made it. It was a very challenging and innovative design that [our manufacturer] made it real. We had a great collaboration, and we are looking forward to our next joint adventures.”

The exhibit was part of a global program. Complexity presented in that there would be variance from one venue to the next. Although the petals stand nearly 20ft and with a cantilever of approx. 27ft, they could not be rigged from above. The Fabric Images Italy team worked with engineers to generate calculations to ensure the structural engineering would create a safe solution able to stand without rigging. This led to manufacturing the perimeter frame in 5-inch tubing supported by a large base unit.

Encasing the petal frames was a double stretch knit in optic white. While not explicitly designed for front projection, the fabric allowed excellent projection performance and light reflection, another critical element of the design.

Aside from the petals, additional fabric structures within the exhibit space included conference room surround graphics, soundproof ceilings, counters, and monitor walls. The complete installation was accomplished in 5 days.