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Designing for NeoCon
NeoCon is the country’s leading event and platform for commercial interior design. For those exhibiting, it’s a yearly chance to show the industry what you’re made of and what new products you are bringing to market. For the team at Fi™ Interiors, it was an opportunity to explore new ideas and materials that demonstrate the quality of work that goes into the acoustic décor solutions we develop for custom interiors.

Making an impact
The goal was to create a space within the space that softened sound and was aesthetically captivating – a purposeful place for conversation, separate from the outside noise of the show. At the same time, we wanted to create a visual statement that would surprise people, even stop them in their tracks.

We decided to utilize our line of Exposure™ Beams as a starting point for the acoustic ceiling system that wrapped the space. The overhead beams took on a more traditional form, running the length of the area before taking a 90-degree turn and extending down to the floor. On the back wall, we pulled inspiration from more organic and biophilic influences to create a parametric design with undulating acoustic beams that reveal and reflect a giant lightbox. The effect of this wall changed based on the viewer’s perspective and acted as a focal point within the space.

“Is that real wood?” was a frequent question over the course of our three days at NeoCon. People couldn’t resist touching the beams and were in disbelief when they found out it wasn’t wood.

Material versatility
The beams were constructed from Acusti-fi™ PET felt, an extremely versatile material that can be printed and formed to mimic a range of shapes and traditional materials. While appearing as authentic wood beams, the material is lightweight, yet durable, and easy to integrate into any environment.

This versatility also opens the door for exploration and experimentation. Design ideas that were previously limited based on material or budget can be brought to life.

Acoustical benefits
The acoustical properties of the felt offer added benefits beyond the visual impact. The material absorbs sound, reducing excess noise, and improving overall clarity in a space.

For environments that aim to improve sound quality, this multi-purpose material delivers a sound-softening solution that doesn’t sacrifice visual impact.

Creating inspiring spaces
Watch VP Marco Alvarez talk through the design inspiration and impact that Acusti-fiTM PET felt had on the sound quality in the space.

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