Elgin, IL – September 20, 2016: Fabric Images®, a global manufacturer of printed and non-printed tension fabric architectural solutions, is pleased to announce the expansion of their Superwide XL dye sublimation print offerings with the addition of a new 16 foot wide Black Widow dye sublimation printer. This new offering will afford clients high-definition quality, cost effective graphics at widths up to 16 feet, allowing tension fabric solutions and messaging to become larger without seams.

Fabric Images adds 16ft print technology

This advanced print technology integrates a new unique chemistry that offers an outstanding color gamut and high-resolution graphic output on polyester-based materials.

As stated by Marco Alvarez, President & CEO of Fabric Images, “Five years ago Fabric Images launched Superwide XL with 15 foot seamless fabric printing. While this afforded wider graphic opportunities without seams, the solvent-based chemistry limited fabric selection. Bringing on this new dye sublimation chemistry opens the door for more fabric options, offers a much broader color gamut and creates a methodology for resolution that is much higher. It is like going from a regular television to ultra-high-def 4d.”

The Black Widow dye sublimation printer utilizes an aqueous ink set, placing it within the Fabric Images, Eco Stewardship initiative. This environmental initiative encompasses numerous aspects of the production and post-production processes, including a comprehensive recycling program for all scrap materials from production runs, including aluminum, polyester fabrics and paper. The Black Widow’s water-based chemistry offers an environmentally sensitive solution for graphic output.

Along with the launch of this new technology, Fabric Images is introducing Interwove16, a knit polyester fabric at 16 feet in width. Interwove16 has an optical white finish, making it perfect for accepting vibrant graphics via the dye sublimation print process. This fabric offering affords larger graphics and messaging solutions without seams, is wrinkle resistant and is recyclable under the Fabric Images ReLife Recycling program. Interwove16 is the first fabric to be introduced in the 16 foot series. Fabric Images, Inc. will continue to expand this line with the launch of additional fabrics.

About Fabric Images®

For nearly 30 years, Fabric Images® has been an award-winning, design-focused manufacturer of printed and non-printed tensioned fabric architecture and material solutions for corporate interiors, hospitality, retail spaces, museums, and events around the globe. Our focus is providing products, custom solutions, and services that that will enrich brand quality and the expressive identity of a space. We thrive on innovation, collaboration, creativity and the pleasure that comes from bringing life to our customer’s vision.

The Fi™ Interiors division designs and manufactures interior architecture décor products and custom design solutions that incorporate metal, fabric, printed graphics, acoustics, and a host of additional materials.

The Fi™ Live Events business division is a creative, strategic, and collaborative manufacturer providing custom fabric architectural and material solutions used within tradeshows, events, and brand activations.

The Fi™ Retail business division partners with retail brands to creatively express their story through compelling installations and brand experiences.

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Fabric Images is a division of Orbus Visual Communications® – a privately owned group of companies that specialize in the manufacture and trade only supply of portable, fabric and modular sign, exhibit and display products, architectural wayfinding signage and superior graphics. Companies and brands within the group include The Exhibitors’ Handbook®, The Promo Handbook™, Nimlok®, Fabric Images® and SignPro Systems®.