We are Fabric Images, Inc. We bring life to your vision.

The home of 3m & 5m Superwide Dye Sub Printing and Custom Fabric Architecture

Fabric Images is a dynamic global solutions provider of printed and non-printed tensioned fabric architecture. Our focus is on integrating structural frame and textiles into environments to enrich brand quality and the expressive identity of a space.

With internal fabrication and highly skilled craftsmen, we are able to continuously push the limits of what fabric and alternative materials can do. Our flexible approach and belief that nothing is impossible lends itself to the innovation and dedication that we continuously provide.

As a manufacturer, we pride ourselves on being your innovative resource, your design advocate and your tensioned fabric solutions provider.

For over 20 years, Fabric Images has continuously pushed the limits of what fabric architecture and materials can do through our expansive services and offerings. Our 180,000+ sq ft. facility is home to SuperWide printing, a full-service metal fabrication shop, an automated and custom sewing operation, an extensive materials library and an eco-friendly powder coating line.

We take pride in working together to translate your design into the final product that was envisioned. It is our objective to turn your vision into reality; to create a physical interpretation that mirrors the original intent. This is how we bring life to your vision.

As a worldwide producer of fabric architecture, we pride ourselves on paralleled production processes between all of our global manufacturing facilities in the U.S., Europe, South America, and Central America. This analogous network allows for quick responsiveness and the ability to replicate all of our solutions at any of our four manufacturing locations.

As a design-forward manufacturer, we understand and deliver on the fine details and objectives required to produce fabric architecture and tensioned fabric displays. Our commitment to your success is what makes us a valued partner and supplier. These are not just words, but our pledge to bring life to your vision.

Our Services

Enhancing Your Design Solution

Freestyle Rental

FreeStyle Rental is a custom rental program that puts focus on design and sustainability. It is custom rental of fabric architecture without limitations; any finish, any material, any design; saving on cost and leaving your space true to its design intent.


The Groove display system is a versatile messaging system that utilizes a channeled extrusion with textiles to brand your space. It is an ideal product that grants you the freedom to change your messaging as your brand environment morphs with current way finding or graphic trends.


SuperWide Dye Sublimation printing allows you to create innovative and beautiful printed fabric graphic applications. Available in both 3m and 5m widths, this process is designed to promote and sell your brand solutions on a grand format scale.

Materials Research

Our in-house materials library contains an extensive sampling of both printable and non-printable materials. This resource is poised to aid you in choosing the right material to meet your design objectives in order to set your brand apart.

Metal Fabrication

The versatility of our skilled metal shop provides the opportunity to use a host of metals to create your design or brand identity. Whether creating a backbone covered with fabric, or a decorative metal element, the structural frame can set your design apart.

Powder Coating

Offering a quality finish to exposed and decorative metal is our environmentally friendly powder coating solution. This durable finish adds a pristine level of detail in various colors, textures and transparencies.

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